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10 Reasons Why We Are Fortunate To Be Living In Saskatchewan

SRAR "The View" Publication January 2010 (Volume 10, Issue 1)
Percy On Business Street News, Dwight Percy and Theresa Johnston

10. Saskatchewan has become "the" place to live.

The population of the province is growing. In fact, it increased by about 16,000 people in just one year, at last count, and is on the verge of surpassing the highest population numbers in history.

9. The unofficial "license plate index" tells us one thing - others like it here too.

Just check out the number of Alberta or Ontario licenses in any parking lot these days. It confirms the stats - net migration from other parts of Canada is on our side, for the first time in decades.

8. Immigrants are telling us what we have long believed - this is a great place to live.

About three-quarters of our net in-migration comes, not just from other provinces these days, but from other countries. Saskatchewan being a hot spot for immigration is a new trend, and a welcome one.

7. More and more people are available to work. The jobs are obviously here.

For decades, the labour force numbers in the province could not crack the half million mark. During 2009, after years of meagre expansion, the size of the Saskatchewan labour force peaked at 4% growth.

6. Fewer and fewer people are on the sidelines.

Saskatchewan retained its position as having the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. Despite a global credit crisis and economic slowdown, people in this province were able to remain "on the job".

5. The term "have province" entered our vocabulary.

Publications right across Canada, and in fact North America proclaimed the same thing - Saskatchewan had about the strongest economy on the continent in 2009. Apparently enough sources have said the words - even "we" believe it now.

4. The "buoyancy barometer" remained locked in on the positive side all year long.

Key indicators of consumer confidence, including retail sales and housing purchases, remained on par with the prior couple of years, which happened to be the strongest in the history of Saskatchewan.

3. The Riders played great football and gave us a great season.

True enough; the Grey Cup didn't turn out as we had hoped. But we were represented by an exciting, talented team. Ask people in Winnipeg if they would like to trade with us.

2. After a very minor cooling off, Saskatchewan's economy is poised for growth again in 2010.

During 2009, GDP forecasts were continually pulled back - to the point this past year will likely be flat when the numbers are finally in. But 2010? The GDP projections are constantly being revised upward to the 4% range. This folks is as good as it gets. Anywhere.

1. Our kids see Saskatchewan as an option. Finally.

For years, this was "a good place to be from". Our kids saw better options elsewhere. That's changed. As they tell each other now, "Where else would I go that's better these days?" The workforce benefits as they stay here. But what matters most is that we get to watch our kids and grandchildren grow up, as they live and work, right around us.


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