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Saskatoon Fastest Growing City In Canada


Statistics Canada 2010, Annual Deomgraphics Estimates: Subprovincial Areas, Feb 2011, http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/91-214-x/91-214-x2009000-eng.htm


According to Statistics Canada's Annual Demographics Report, more people are moving to Saskatoon than anywhere else in Canada.


Saskatoon's census metropolitan area (CMA) was the fastest growing area in Canada.  With a growth rate of 27.7 per thousand, the Saskatoon CMA’s population increased by 7,240 to a total of 265,259 last year.

Net international migration was responsible for the largest proportion of the growth in Saskatoon's CMA.  In fact, nearly half of the population increase was attributable to that factor.  Saskatoon’s international migration gain totalled 3,327.  For the sake of comparison, that was higher than the international migration gains of CMAs that were much more populous than Saskatoon, such as Hamilton and Québec.

Saskatoon's CMA is also getting younger.  On July 1, 2010, Saskatoon was the CMA with the youngest population.  The median age was 35.4 years, compared with 39.7 years for Canada as a whole.  After Saskatoon, the CMAs with the lowest median ages were Calgary (35.8 years), Edmonton (36.0 years) and Regina (36.9 years).


You can read the entire report here: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/91-214-x/91-214-x2009000-eng.htm




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